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Raja & Isabel

Raja and Isabel

Isabel and her mother, Raja, are both rescue dogs. I adopted Isabel and her happy enthusiasm made me laugh and take more time to enjoy the outside on our many walks. We always had sh special walks when we got together with Raja and her human, Cindy. Raja and Isabel would run like the wind on our walks and always return when called with a happy wiggle. Isabel made everyone smile with her twinkle in her eye and her special puppy love. Her young life was tragically shortened as she crossed the Rainbow Bridge at 8 months of age.

Isabel inspired Rescue Animal Mp3 Project so it’s fitting that she’s first on the list of our Furry Friends to be remembered.- Dr Pamela Fisher

Tribute in Honor of Sharon’s Birthday!

This gift is in honor of my friend Sharon McVicker Grindley LaMotta’s Birthday!

She is an animal lover with four lively, loud Yorkies.

Happy Birthday Sharon!
Love, Susan Joyce




Memorial in Memory of Max

My Grrrr Guy

He was the sweetest dog I ever knew.

Kathy Liszka






Tribute in Honor of Uncle Herb Fisher’s 90th Birthday!

Uncle Herb, a wonderful milestone to celebrate together your life accomplishments.

We are so proud of you!

Warm loving wishes from Pamela, Mike and Adam




In Memory of North & Jet

In memory of my beloved cat North, who was 18.5 years old when she passed and in memory of

Jet, the best dog ever, who at 14.75 years old died one week after North.  My house feels empty

without them, but I feel blessed to have had them both for so many years.  They are in my heart

forever. Susan Joyce

In Memory of North & Jet

Jet & North were really great pets. Jet was the best dog we ever knew & Susan has our sympathy

in their passing. Beth and Trish Meiser

In Memory of Zoey

This Tribute is for my Tonkinese cat, Zoey who died October 2011 after 15 years together.

She was tiny & very sweet & is missed by her litter mate Bailey.

Beth Meiser





In Memory of Jake, the Tractor Kitten

When Adam and Jake met, there was an instant bond. He was a sensitive,

intelligent guy and I loved him very much.

Kathy Liszka







In Memory – Another Christmas Without Barney

It’s been three years this week that Barney crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and we still miss

him so much. He lit up our life and was the neighborhood ambassador of friendliness as we

walked each day. This picture was taken when my art group met at our home. He loved

greeting everyone and at the end of the day walking out with them to say goodbye. He

especially liked our neighbors Al & Wendy, who took care of him many times when we were

out of town. A special thank you to Dr. Fisher and her loving staff for helping Barney through

his health issues.

Pamela Rowe

In Memory of Harold Allison

Dear Cici, Dick, Sam and Peter,

The circle will not be the same without Harold running around your yard barking “hello” to us. He has passed over the

“Rainbow Hill” to be safe with our loving pets. Our contribution to “The Rescue Animal Mp3 Project!” is our way of keeping his

memory  alive, helping animals in shelters all over with their wonderful music. The CT Humane Society in Newington is one of

these shelters. Harold will always be in our hearts as well as you.

With Love, Arlan, Beth and Bryan , Sue and Tucker.

In Memory of a Loving Sister

Carolyn loved hphoto-40er pets. First dog was called Pork Chops because she sent    her husband to the butchers and he came home with the dog.

Another dog was called Peanuts because she could tuck him in her coat when it was cold.

Her last dog was Teddy who she rescued. He had a skin problem. He ate all the avocados in her backyard and grew back a beautiful fur coat.

I’m sure she is busy in heaven grooming the dogs that need a fresh look. She was a hairdresser.

Barbara Kummer





In Loving Memory of a Kathy & Luigi






In Loving Memory of Two Beautiful Souls.
Kathy and and her beautiful black cat, Luigi, may have left us physically, but the memories will live on forever. With a smile that would light up a room and a lover of all animals (especially the big cats!) Kathy left a hole in many hearts that can never be filled. She was an inspirational person who loved all things nerdy. For the almost 10 years that I knew her, she was the most uplifting and caring person I have ever met. I can only hope that I can touch as many lives throughout my life as Kathy did. You will be deeply missed and never forgotten my friend. – Jennifer

Dr. Kathy Liszka

Dr. Kathy Liszka & Luigi

Kathy – You Are Loved and You Are Missed
– Katherine


Luigi enjoying his visit

Luigi enjoying his visit

In Loving Memory of Kathy & her Fur Kids
Kathy was not only a client but a compassionate friend. We will all miss her!
Kathy was a devoted supporter of the Rescue Animal Mp3 Project through her life’s journey and now beyond through her last wishes. Kathy’s and Luigi’s loving spirits will live on in the work of the Rescue Animal MP3 Project, which provides healing, calming music to animals in shelters. – Dr. Pamela, Cheri & Miranda

In memory of Kathy Liszka (and her beloved pal Luigi). The sorrow is great; the tears are many; the memories will live. – Kim S.

Caring for Animals from the Great Beyond



A small tribute to a fantastic person. Kathy, my friend for over 30 years, thank you for so many memories. We shared good times with laughter and those rough times with deep understanding. Remember that we planned to get together and we will. Never forget Thelma and Louise. Miss you but keeping the memory alive in my heart and soul along with many others. – Wolfgang & Joyce

Hi Dr.Liszka, I will miss you so much . RIP – Lakshmimadhuri

In loving memory of Kathy Liszka, kind, brilliant,funny, strong, and beautiful and too perfect for this world to contain. – Timothy

In memory of Kathy Liszka – Dmitry

In honor and in memory of Kathy Liszka – Christopher

In Memory of my University of Akron Professor Dr.Liszka. R.I.P – Meka

Students of Dr. Liszka


Linda-Max-25-Mar-08In Loving Memory of Max

To my Main Man “Max” – the sweetest friend and companion ever! The house is

way too quiet. I miss the daily “conversations” we had and the fact that you

always got in the last “word”! Rest in peace Max. You will be forever in my heart!

Linda Yost


PattyIn Loving Memory and Gratitude

Patty’s love captured the hearts of so many people (and dogs). She put her heart and soul in everything she did. Her help as a board member Board member of the Rescue Animal Mp3 Project always went above and beyond. I have been so blessed and grateful for her love, support and friendship. Dr. Pamela

In Memory Donations:
Marilyn Valentino
Audrey Stillwell
Kathleen Harpley – Nannimals
Lisa Saffle & Benson