MP3 Player Set up Instructions

Music Player Assembly Instructions:
Simple and worry free auto-playing of 30 CD’s of calming pet music to enrich the animals’ lives at your shelter.

This set up leaves the Mp3 player on at all times and the timer controls the radio or speaker power to allow automatic and flexible play times.

Set up

1)  Set timer to play at noisiest times of the day or all day and off at night. IMPORTANT– It is beneficial for the animals to have some quiet time without the music on (usually at night). The music will be most effective this way. The timer will automatically turn the music on and off as desired.

2)  Plug timer into to outlet then plug speakers, receiver or boom box/radio into timer.

3)  Plug single 3.5mm or RCA (white & red) plugs into the INPUT or AUDIO IN port of the speaker, receiver or boom box.

4)  Plugs are already attached to your Mp3 Player- Plug Mp3 charger cord into wall outlet (*DO NOT attach the timer to the Mp3 charger cord)

To Play Music

1)      Press and hold top  button to turn Mp3 player on- the music should start playing automatically

2)      Press middle button to select if needed

II   Pause

 >   Play

3)  Volume – to increase or decrease volume, use the control on the receiver, boom box or speakers.

*The Mp3 player should remain turned on; however, if necessary to turn off, hold the Top button.

Trouble Shooting

  • Make sure all the plugs are seated in solidly
  • Can increase volume on Mp3 player as needed with Left side toggle button – although better to adjust volume on receiver or speakers


Please Post the enclosed Sign in a high traffic public area so the public can become aware and learn more about the Rescue Animal Mp3 Project and your commitment to enriching the environment for the rescued animals in your shelter.

Please Contact Rescue Animal Mp3 Project immediately if any technical issues or problems arise. We want to make sure this music is playing correctly to benefit your shelter’s rescued animals. Thank you!

Download a copy of the Instructions for music installation


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