Rescue Animal Mp3 Project provides calming music to help relax the animals in your Adoption Shelter or Sanctuary. Calming Pet Music has been generously donated by various artists and recorded on Mp3 players. The music loaded Mp3 players are donated Free of Charge to government, non-profit shelters, sanctuaries and spay neuter clinics to be played at a LOW volume, in an easy to use shuffle format to use during the day to help calm anxious animals. The included timer can be installed to make sure the music is playing automatically during specific times of day to calm the barking and meowing.

Adoption Shelter qualifications include:

  • Non-profit or Government Animal Adoption Shelters (Non-profit – Sanctuaries and Spay Neuter Clinics are eligible)
  • Shelter Housing capacity of 10 or more animals with active adoptions (Government Shelters with less than 10 animals are eligible)
  • Boombox/CD Player with an AUX IN  or arrangements with us if speakers are needed, see FAQ page
  • Provide a secure placement of the Mp3 player
  • Submitted application and adherence to policies
  • Non United States Shelters can apply see FAQ page for information on bottom of page

Fill in application online or download application here.

FAQ’s for shelters.

If your shelter is participating in the Rescue Animal Mp3 program, we will request you to fill out an Evaluation Form in 3-4 months after installation of the music in your shelter to help us improve our program. Your kind input is greatly appreciated.

Here is a list of shelters currently participating in our program and Testimonials from shelters already participating in our program.

Download Instructions for music installation.

Music Player Assembly Instructions: