Animal Adoption Shelter Application Form

Application and Agreement for Adoption Centers

The undersigned hereby represents that it is a non-profit or government facility that houses ten (10) or more dogs or cats in one facility that are available for adoption.

The undersigned furthermore agrees that by accepting a free donated Mp3 player with pre-recorded copyrighted music, the undersigned non-profit facility agrees that the player and music be played and installed in a secure place in the undersigned’s facility only. The undersigned furthermore agrees that the pre-recorded music and Mp3 player shall not be copied or tampered with in anyway. The undersigned agrees to continue to permit Rescue Animal Mp3 Project , hereinafter RAMp3 to perform follow up at the undersigned’s facility after installation of the Mp3 player. The undersigned shall immediately notify RAMp3 of any technical problems or if the Mp3 player is not being used at email or (330-266-2500).

    2 or 3 prong wallcord plug on your CD player/boombox/amplifier for type of timer
  • It is IMPORTANT to have the music off part of the time (ie: at night) to achieve the best calming effect. A timer, which can be included, plugged into your speaker system (not into the Mp3), will turn the music on and off automatically.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Type name.