About The Rescue Animal Mp3 Project

Many rescued animals are often traumatized and fearful as a result of their challenging life experiences. We share with you the passion to improve their quality of life and as a result we have founded the non-profit Rescue Animal Mp3 Project. This organization donates free Mp3 players filled with pre-recorded music that is specifically formulated to provide a calmer environment for animals.


Pamela Fisher, DVM

Executive Director/Founder-North Canton, Ohio

Pamela Fisher, DVM has personally observed positive responses from music in her Holistic Veterinary Practice in North Canton, Ohio. She has a unique and direct perspective on how alternative healing choices can address physical and emotional imbalances to dramatically benefit the vitality of our pets, and help them lead healthier, happier lives. She comments that “Most of my patient challenges turn into miracles every day and by providing proper nutrition and balance, our animals can use their innate ability to self-heal.” Her Holistic Pet Therapy Center and Natural Pet Store provide educational classes, holistic health care and public awareness of holistic options for pets and their owners. Dr. Fisher regularly contributes her time to fundraising events and consults with several wild animal rescues on the use of herbal and homeopathic remedy use. Now, her dream of providing calming music to help the homeless animals has become a reality with the formation of the Project. This project is her way of reaching out and helping more animals than only the pets she’s privileged to work with in her office. Dr. Fisher shares her stories that inspired her to create the Rescue Animal Mp3 Project. She adopted Lilli (pictured) from the Summit County Ohio Pound the day she installed the Rescue Animal Mp3 Project music. The Rescue Animal Mp3 Project was inspired in memory of Isabel and continues in honor of Lili.


Barbara Rubin

Barbara Rubin

Assistant Director/Treasurer- Canton, Ohio

Barbara has always believed that animals are our teachers and feels very privileged to work with domestic and wild animals. She is a Healing Touch for Animals Certified Practitioner and Animal Reiki practitioner. In her practice, she uses a variety of energy healing techniques including CranioSacral Therapy, Sound Vibration and Color Therapy to assist in the healing process. Music and sound is an integral part of her work with animals and she is honored to work with the Rescue Animal Mp3 Project. She enjoys spending time as a volunteer at Sanders Wildlife Rehabilitation Center at Sippo Lake in Canton, Ohio and other rescue organizations sharing reiki and healing energy with orphaned, injured, and homeless animals.


Cindy BouerCindy Bouer

Secretary-North Canton, Ohio

Cindy’s loving care as a professional nurse turned into compassion and empathy when caring for animals as well. She has long been a rescuer of homeless or helpless dogs and cats. Along with caring for her own rescued pets, Cindy participated for several years in the SPEAK program, a reading program instituted in several Canton schools. This program increased the children’s confidence and reading skill level by having the children read to dogs who responded by listening patiently and quietly. She became involved with the Stark County Dog Warden Department five years ago and spends many hours each week walking, grooming, socializing and loving the dogs at the facility. She also devotes time to playing, dogs. She is currently a board member of the Friends of Stark Pound, a non-profit organization that works in cooperation with the Stark County Dog Warden Department. This involves decision-making, networking and fundraising for the shelter dogs in Stark County, Ohio.


Board Members

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