The Music – Perry Wood

Animal Healing & Music for Pets
by Perry Wood, Margrit Coates

Music for Pets can benefit from the healing sounds of music in a similar to humans. The music on this CD has been specially composed as suitable for playing to all animals. The whole album is designed as a healing and relaxing chill-out experience for the animals that you love. “This beautiful healing and relaxing music helps us reach the soul energy of our pets.”

Many cells of the body including those of humans and animals contain living liquid crystals. These have subtle vibrations which are similar to those found in crystal stone, so therefore when we use these stones in our healing they link with the individual energy of the animal. The crystals also link with our own healing energy which then sends out a vibration amplifying our focus and intent to help. A particular crystal may even introduce a new ‘fine tuning’ vibration into the body which can help healing even further.

In Perry Wood we have discovered a fantastic new artist who records in the same beautiful style as Mike Rowland, Stephen Rhodes and Philip Chapman.

Working closely with the world-renowned animal healer Margrit Coates (who regularly writes for a well-known UK Newspaper) his debut album is now available in the hugely popular Mind Body and Soul series.

Aimed specifically for playing to animals from cats to horses the album cleverly avoids sounds that pets might find distressing. Margrit has already reported success with the album in the course of her daily work.

However like all the recordings in the Mind Body and Soul series, such is the quality of this calming beautiful music, that it also “crosses over” into a much broader appeal. This album will be popular with anyone looking for restful, tranquil, quality music.

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