The Music- Music My Pet

Music My Pet
By Tom Nazziola composer & producer

Many studies have shown that pets respond favorably to classical music under stress-inducing situations and often slip into a very serene and peaceful state of mind after only a few minutes of listening; However, I’ve discovered it is important to use music that maintains a soothing dynamic from start to finish, which is NOT the case with most “off-the-shelf” classical music.

The result of both the research and a very careful selection process (with regard to music) is Music My Pet’s first release, “Classic Cuts” – a CD featuring classical music of some of the greatest composers in music history (Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin and more). “Classic Cuts” is designed to calm pets in a variety of situations (e.g. when a pet’s owner leaves the house, thunder, sirens, loud noises, new surroundings, etc.). All selections on this CD have been re-orchestrated using the sounds, chords and harmonies that soothe common household pets – and their owners!

As a suggestion, play “Classic Cuts” whenever a situation arises that may cause your pet to become stressed. For best results, listen at a relatively low volume and select the “continuous play ” or “random play” button on your CD player – this will effectively repeat the program until you wish to manually stop the music.

“Mellow Melodies“, like its companion, Classic Cuts, has been produced using all the sounds proven to calm stressed out dogs, cats and other household pets. Play it when you leave the house, or whenever your pet needs to relax. It’s safe, natural and effective. It’s the perfect gift for your favorite pet – or pet owner!