The Music- Animal Whispers

Songbird Sunrise, Sleepy Ocean
by Microfine Labs

Veterinarians and Animal Behaviorists recommend the use of music to minimize destructive behaviors in pets. Music has been shown to help with everything from separation anxiety to hyperactivity to overeating. Our products go one step further by combining the music of your choice with the subsonic sounds of your pets natural environment thus masking other household noises that can trigger anxiety, excitement and bad behavior.

Your pet may be suffering undue stress created by an unnatural environment. Millions of years of your animals natural evolution cannot be erased by a mere several thousand years of domestication. The only sounds that your domesticated animal hears throughout the day are unnatural and artificial. Sounds such as the hot water heater turning on or the buzz of your computer confuse your pets naturally evolved sense of hearing.

We have compiled the sounds of your pets natural habitat by utilizing the soothing melodies of song birds, the calm whistle of a summer breeze, the tiny chirp of crickets and a multitude of other natural sounds. Through our research we have discovered that certain sounds have beneficial effects such increasing healing, reducing separation anxiety, reducing stress and can even help control overeating.

What you hear can affect how you perceive the world around you. The whine of the vacuum cleaner may not bother you, but it can cause your dog to run and hide, because of the painful high-pitched sound that you may not be able to hear.

As you can see from this graph dogs, cats, and many other animals can hear sounds at higher frequencies than 20,000 Hz. That is why people can’t hear a special dog whistle when it’s blown but dogs will react to it. Being able to hear higher frequencies was no doubt useful for hunting and other pre-domesticated activities but the sounds of modern life don’t agree with your pets evolved sense.

We also offer a customized product with your recorded voice to help with your pets separation anxiety while you are away. So take a look at our wide variety of products and find the one that will best suit your beloved pet.

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