The Music- Classical Music for Pets™

Naptime, Left Home Alone and Leisure Time
By Karen Walwyn, DMA

Karen Walwyn, DMA – Concert Pianist/Composer and Recording Artist for Albany Records has produced Classical Music for Pets™: Naptime, Left Home Alone and Leisure Time to help reduce tension and stress in your pets.

Did you know that certain styles of music can really comfort your pet? Give your pet a gift of love. Classical Music for Pets™ can gently calm and relax your favorite four-legged friend. Your pet will feel happy and loved and you will feel assured of their comfort.

Pets feel anxious and stressed when left alone. Does your pet tear up your shoe when you are away? Classical Music for Pets™:”Left Home Alone” will help keep your beloved pet in a calm and peaceful mood while you are away from home.

Pets become anxious in a distractive environment. Does your pet sigh often, or hide in the bathroom sometimes? Classical Music for Pets™:”Leisure Time” was created for your four-legged family member to enjoy a cozy and comfortable environment.

Can your pet sleep peacefully in your household? Our music helps to slow the heart rate so that pets can peacefully fall asleep in the midst of other minor distractions. Classical Music for Pets™:”Naptime” will lull your furry friend to sleep.

Do you feel guilty when you can’t spend time with your pet? Pets savor good memories. Play our CDs when you spend leisure time with your pet. The next time your pet may want to play but you don’t have time, don’t feel guilty, just put on our CDs. When pets hear music from our Classical Music for Pets™, they will remember the good times you’ve shared and you will feel guilt-free. Your pet will love you more when you play their new favorite CD! Let us help make your pet a happier one. Buy Classical Music for Pets™ CDs, today!

Composers of the music in our series, Classical Music for Pets™, range from the Baroque period to the 21st Century: Rameau, Bach, Handel, Haydn, Clementi, Mozart, Beethoven, Schumann, Chopin, Glinka, Satie, and Hailstork along with many others.

Classical Music for Pets™: “Naptime”
This CD has been created to help relax your pet and to help bring your pet’s heart rate gently down to a resting point. Works by Chopin, Schumann, Satie and other composers performed live by concert pianist Karen Walwyn provide a soothing environment to comfort your pet. Research shows how classical music helps to calm pets down.
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Classical Music for Pets™: “Left Home Alone”
This CD is designed to help pets not suffer separation anxiety. Research has shown that certain music can help reduce the stress that petssuffer when their humans have to leave them alone. Works by Bach, Handel, Haydn, Mozart and many other composers performed life by concert pianist Karen Walwyn provide a nurturing and comforting environment for your pet while you are away from home.
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Classical Music for Pets™: “Leisure Time”
The program of this CD is to help encourage a cheerful and positive mood while you are enjoying time with your pet. It will also enhance the home environment in the event you may not always have time to cuddle with your pet as the association of the music will comfort your pet. Works by Bach, Mozart, Clementi, Beethoven, Schumann and many other composers performed live by concert pianist Karen Walwyn provide a happy environment to positively inspire your pet.

The music was recorded live at Brookwood Studio by concert pianist Karen Walwyn.

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