The music provided by Rescue Animal Mp3 project isn’t just beautiful to our ears. It has been researched and proven to have a calming effect on animals. We’ve got Music Studies explaining this. Click here to learn more.

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The Musicians

The wonderful, creative and calming Pet Music has been generously donated by various artists from around the world. The extensive collection of music in this compilation will help to insure its’ daily use to soothe the animals in Animal Adoption Shelters. We sincerely appreciate the musicians’ enthusiastic and kind support of the Rescue Animal Mp3 Project. The artists include:

Alianna Boone
Bradley Joseph
Canine Lullabies
Hanai Music
Healing Touch for Animals CDs
Karen Walwyn
Microfine Labs
Mind Motivations Music
Music My Pet
Pando Music
Perry Wood
Skip Haynes
Stuart Jones

Animal Angels, Connecting with Animals by Stuart Jones & Margrit Coates in England – Beautiful relaxing music for you to share with your pets and horses, and composed by the phenomenal musician Stuart Jones.

Animal Healing, Music for Pets by Perry Wood & Margrit Coates in England – Animal Healing contains a color booklet on animal chakras. The second is called Music for Pets and contains information on crystal healing with pets and horses. The music on both CD’s is composed by Perry Wood. An essential gift from you to the animal angel in your life.

Animal Whispers-Songbird Sunrise, Sleepy Ocean by Microfine Labs- Recordings of sounds of your pets natural habitat with soothing melodies of song birds, the calm whistle of a summer breeze, the tiny chirp of crickets and a multitude of other natural sounds. Through our research we have discovered that certain sounds have beneficial effects such increasing healing, reducing separation anxiety, reducing stress and can even help control overeating.

Canine Lullabies by Terry Woodford – Woodford is a recognized therapeutic music expert-both in artistic creation and in marketing innovation. He speaks nationally to nurses, doctors, social workers, parents and other care providers on how to use music and why it works to help heal and calm frightened children, adults and other animals.

Classical Music for Pets™: Naptime, Left Home Alone and Leisure Time by Karen Walwyn This series of recordings is uniquely designed to positively affect pets. The selected music programs on the CDs will help reduce tension and stress pets may experience due to various conditions such as being left home alone, distractive households or various other times of conflicts for pets.

Harp Music to Soothe the Savage Beast by Alianna Boone – Her vision from the very beginning was all veterinary clinics and shelters would provide healing sounds for their animals in recovery or if distressed. Alianna and Dr. Ginny Quelch did a study “Effects of harp music therapy on canine patients in the veterinary hospital setting” that showed promising results.

Healing Touch for AnimalsHealing Music for Animals and Their People Vol I, II & III by Carol Komitor & Inner Sound-Healing Touch for Animals® – CD Volume I, II & III are innovative music CDs which assists animals and their people with relaxation, allowing the body to create an avenue to self-healing and focus on calming for stress and a greater connection for animals to their people.

Mozart for Dogs, Beethoven for Dogs, Chopin for Dogs, Mozart for Cats, Beethoven for Cats, Chopin for Cats by Felix Pando – Felix Pando talented composer, developed a line of music for pets to help relieve them of stress and separation anxiety. The combination of these elements is known as the PANDO EFFECT™. And, most recently, he has created a line of relaxing music for adults as part of the world fusion genre.

Music Dogs Love, Music Cats Love, Music Pets Love by Bradley Joseph – Relaxing music mixed with soft nature sounds and short stories, creating a peaceful environment for pets who are left alone. Exotic birds and soothing voices, are just a few of the effects that come in and out of this beautiful music to entertain your pet while you are gone.

Music my Pet: Classic Cuts and Mellow Melodies by Tom Nazziola have been produced using all the sounds proven to calm dogs, cats and other household pets. Play it when you leave the house, or whenever your pet needs to relax. It’s safe, natural and effective. It’s the perfect gift for your favorite pet – or pet owner! Produced by Tom Nazziola-performer on Disney’s award winning Baby Einstein DVDs/CDs.

Peaceful Pet Music by Hanai Kris Lee-Scott – Inspired by the tragic death of her Himalayan kitty “Kea”, Hanai (Kris Lee-Scott) began composing beautiful, soothing music. Her soft melodies and beautiful harmonies have been used in medical, educational and spiritual venues and have helped countless people all over the world to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Pet Calm, Pet Healing by Rick Collingwood in Australia – Animals just like humans react to different sounds in different ways. Through our research we found that animals responded much the same way to Rick Collingwood’s Hypnotic Neurosonic Frequencies CDs as humans do.

Songs to Make Dogs Happy! by Skip Haynes – Songs To Make Dogs Happy!” is qualitatively and quantitatively researched musical CD, based upon 200 canine participants’ responses to what THEY would like to hear in songs! The Laurel Canyon Animal Company and Dr. Kim Ogden, a nationally known Intuitive Animal Communicator, worked together to create music dogs love to listen to!