VCRA is an Applied Kinesiology method that reliably allows the practitioner to use electrical / electromagnetic interactions of the body to determine the root cause of disease imbalance. VCRA is based on Dr. Versendal’s correlation of energetic (electrical) imbalances between specific (reflex) points on the body surface corresponding to internal organs. It has been determined that it takes 44 pounds of pressure to push down the average person’s arm. When a VCRA reflex point with an imbalance is tested, it only requires 18 pounds of pressure to push the arm down. In using VCRA on animals, a surrogate person touches the animal and they act as a jumper cable to transfer the animal’s electrical energy so their arm muscle may be used to detect the animal’s imbalance.

For example, if a holistic practitioner suspects low thyroid function in a dog, the thyroid gland can easily be tested by touching the electrical (reflex) point over the gland and pushing down on the surrogate’s arm. If there is an imbalance the arm muscle will suddenly go weak demonstrating weakness of the thyroid gland. Thyroid blood tests are then performed to confirm hypothyroidism.

I have adapted a technique of pushing down on my index finger as the muscle used to detect weakness instead of a surrogate’s arm muscle. Therefore, I am the surrogate and tester all in one. This technique is very sensitive and allows early detection of energy imbalances before clinical symptoms and abnormal blood values are evident. VCRA can also be used to determine appropriate supplements and dosages necessary to strengthen your pet. VCRA is an invaluable non-invasive tool for body assessment.

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