Let massage and acupressure be a part of your pet’s health regime. Both modalities help your pets physically as well as psychologically, helping to relieve distress, anxiety and discomfort. All pets can benefit, whether they are 8 weeks to 18 years or more. Research shows that animals that are handled when they are young learn faster and have more advanced neural development than animals that are not held.

In humans, massage has been known to raise the pain threshold and reduce treatment soreness. It can do the same for your pet. Massage can be used as a prevention measure for canine athletes. Other benefits include toxin release, increase in flexibility, build confidence and restore energy.

What a normal session is like:

Prior to the treatment we ask that you pet not eat for 2 hrs.

  • Pet is evaluated and owner’s concerns are expressed. Animals must have been seen by a veterinarian within the last year to be seen at our office for massage and acupressure.
  • You will be asked to walk your pet (if they are capable) towards and away from the therapist to evaluate your pet’s gait.
  • The therapist will also gently run their hands over their body looking for places of hot and cold, sensitive areas and any point of weakness.
  • A treatment plan will then devised according to your pet’s needs

Your pet’s specific treatment protocol can include a combination of any of the following modalities:

Healing Touch for Animals® (biofield energy work), massage (manipulation of soft tissue), and acupressure (meridian work).

Following the treatment your pet should be offered plenty of water to drink along with a chance to relieve themselve.

You will be given a take home sheet with instructions specific to your pet’s condition from the therapist. Follow up sessions will be scheduled to help continue improvement in your pet’s health. Inform our office of any concerns you may have with your pet’s behavior following a treatment. They will be very relaxed and can spend the afternoon and evening napping when they are normally full of activity.

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