Animals have emotions too! Sometimes they feel anxious or irritable or just plain down in the dumps. Fortunately there are things you can do to help…

The first thing to do is to make an appointment with the vet. This is a good idea even if you can’t see anything physically wrong. Sometimes changes in behavior are the first symptoms of a problem that might need medical treatment, so the earlier you go the better. Once the vet has given the all-clear you can think about taking the next steps.

The Bach Original Flower Remedies are specially formulated to help animals (and of course people) find the positive side of themselves. Whatever is in your pets way – fear, despondency, uncertainty – can find a solution in the Bach Original Flower Remedies.

Below are just some of the remedies that could be used with animals. Keep in mind that much like humans, animals too have very complex emotions and may benefit from using any one of the 38 Remedies

Rescue Remedy for Pets is a five flower combination to help calm with stress, trauma, grief and fears. Bach Flower Rescue Remedy is available through our Natural Pet Store.

Rescue Remedy is usually the first choice to get the best out of your garden, pot ted plants and cut flowers. It can help to revive drooping plants, assist swhen transplanting and is great as a pick me up for those ‘supermarket bargains’.

Use the following dosage recommendations and watch your plants bloom!

Ten drops of Rescue Remedy diluted in a watering can or plant spray bottle or five drops of one of the individual Bach Original Flower Remedies.

Click here for a reference chart on using Bach Flower Essences for your pet.

Bach Flower Essences website is

Canadian Tree Essences use with animals

Animal Rescue: Used on all types of animals for: Trauma, Distress from injury, Stress

Animal Restore: Used on all types of animals for: Recovering from an operation or Illness, Neglect, Abuse

Animal Whisper: Used to make animals comfortable when: Lonely, Fragile, Last Stage of Life

Cat Essence: Used to restore well being, balance and happiness. Helps cat to adapt to changes

Dog Essence: Used to help anxious, fearful, hyper, disobedient or low spirited dogs to bring in calmness and focus

Horse Essence: Used for nervous, temperamental, skittish, fearful, lacking energy or uncooperative behavior.

Alpaca Essence: Helps your alpaca to remain calm, relaxed: Eases effects of crowds, noise, travel, breeding & birthing.

Click here for an article on Canadian Flower Tree Essences for use with animals– including dogs, cats, horses, alpaca and llamas.

Link to Natural Pet Store for purchase.

Gem Essences for Animals
Promoting harmony and well being for animals using treasures from Mother Earth, these gem essences from Gem Solutions, LLC, are Free of preservatives, Free of alcohol, Free of fragrance, Free of dye.

These holistic, all natural essences include gemstones, stones, or metals which are carefully selected to weave and blend the energies of the individual elements into one, combined essence. These gentle, yet effective, essences are lovingly made using a process that indirectly infuses the energy of the selected pieces into pure, distilled water.

Aggress-Ease is intended for letting go of fear or aggressive behavior and for bringing forth a more peaceful, calm energy flow. Use with aggression, cycles and repeated patterns, emotional blockages/imbalance, excessive emotion, fear, grounding, insecurity, or low self confidence/esteem. Suggested use: One to three spritzes applied topically three times a day.

Happy Joints is intended for letting go of the hurt related to the symptoms of arthritis or related conditions. Use with arthritis/rheumatism, cartilage injury, inflammation, or joint conditions. Suggested use: One to three spritzes applied topically three times a day to area(s) of concern.

Happy Legs is intended for letting go of pain relating to the soft tissue. Use with disorders or injuries of the cartilage, connective tissue, ligament, muscles, or nerves; general aches and pains, or grounding. Suggested use: One to three spritzes applied topically three times a day to area(s) of concern.

Stress-Ease is intended for letting go of anxiety and stress and for promoting inner harmony. Use with anxiety, balance, fear, feeling ungrounded, separation anxiety, stress, trauma, or worry. Suggested use: One to three spritzes applied topically three times a day.

Trauma-Ease is intended for letting go of the past. Use with abuse, emotional wounds or blockages, grief, issues linked to the past, stress, transformation, trauma, or trust. Suggested use: One to three spritzes applied topically three times a day.

Whole Love is intended for releasing feelings of abandonment and for letting animals know that they are loved. Use with providing comfort, healing or stabilizing emotions, love, new beginnings, tranquility, trust, unconditional love, or vitality. Suggested use: One to three spritzes applied topically three times a day.

  • Hold the bottle about five to seven inches (12-18 cm) away from the body and spritz along the length of the back or on particular areas of concern;
  • Spritz above the body to let the mist fall gently on to the animal; or
  • Spray the mist on your hand and then stroke the essence on the anima

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